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"Yoga for people who don't 'do' yoga"



I'm Rach founded The Reset Project in 2019 to help as many people as possible take time out of their busy lives to 'reset' at my yoga classes.

My thinking is that if people go home happy, relaxed and revitalised, not only will they reap the numerous benefits of yoga but it'll also have a knock-on effect on their families and friends and so on.


I have a pretty bold aim of changing the lives of as many people as possible, all through the power of yoga.

While I respect yoga's great traditions, I recognise that a lot of it can feel a bit alienating for a lot of people - it certainly was for me. That's why I'm determined to make sure all my classes are down to earth, fun and laid back.


Everyone - EVERYONE - is welcome, especially people convinced that yoga 'isn't for them'. I love converting them!


There's plenty more info on this site but if you have any questions not answered on the FAQs page, drop me a line and I'd be happy to chat.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of my classes soon!



Rach x