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I help forward-thinking organisations boost their leaders' and teams' health, wellbeing and resilience to transform their productivity, their profit and their reputation.

All too often, corporate health and wellbeing is reactive rather than preventative - trying to tackle a problem once it has appeared, rather than avoiding the problem in the first place.

Not only does this send healthcare costs and absence rates through the roof (not ideal), it does little to empower people to establish a healthy lifestyle that will benefit them, their family and the business both now and in the long term.

Unhealthy lifestyles are having a debilitating impact on business performance.

Exhausted, burnt out, unmotivated, stressed, lethargic, 'wired and tired' people at work are leading to snowballing absence rates and healthcare costs, and are killing morale, productivity and profits.


It's clear to see the impact this is having on business - in 2019 alone UK businesses lost almost £92 million to poor health. And it's not just the business that suffers... when someone isn't looking after themselves - whether that's poor sleep, stress, nutrition, mobility or connection - their families, communities and wider society all miss out.


In particular, burnt out, run down. detached leaders will have a huge knock-on effect across all areas of the business, both from a people and an operational perspective.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

80% of chronic diseases are caused by lifestyle - and lifestyle is something we can change, together. Through 1:1 and group coaching, I take leaders and teams through a systematic lifestyle behaviour change framework that tackles eight key areas of health and wellness.


The result? They're equipped with simple but alarmingly effective tools and techniques at their disposal to make positive, sustainable changes to their lifestyle. They take responsibility and action in supporting their long-term physical and mental health - and everyone benefits (except the healthcare providers, probably).

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The organisations I work with need no convincing about the impact that health and wellbeing can have on their business - and they want to do right by their people. They know that a few intranet articles and the occasional reminder to not work at weekends aren't going to cut it, either.


Within these organisations, I work with ambitious leaders and teams who know they have more to bring to the table, if only they felt better. Whether they're trying to treat chronic disease, are edging closer towards it or just want to bring their best to all areas of their life, they're ready to make some changes.

Chances are, they already know some of the changes they need to make... but the tricky part is actually creating new healthy habits and ditching the old less positive ones.


Which is where I come in. Through no-nonsense, pragmatic coaching, mentoring and training, I help them create a personalised plan of tweaks and changes that work for them. No radical overhauls, horrifically restrictive diets or absurd gym programmes - unless they want to, of course. Simple, effective and seemingly small steps that lead to a monumental difference.

"If you could do it alone, you'd have done it by now."

No one will make lasting behaviour change if it's not aligned with their beliefs and their values - which is exactly where we start. Why do they want to make a change? (and it's important that they do want to). What drives them? How would they like to feel in 1, 5, 10 years' time? Who do they want to be? All this forms the foundation of our work together. We'll then dive into the various facets of health and wellbeing, tackling their big concerns while exploring and breaking down both internal and external barriers to their enjoying a long, happy and healthy life.

Organisations who (still!) see health and wellbeing as a 'nice to have', an employee perk or a tick-box exercise aren't right for my programme. Nor are leaders and teams who aren't willing to step up and make much-needed changes to enable them to feel and be on top of their game.

I work with organisations, leaders and teams who are desperate and determined to bring their A game to all areas of their world and are ready to create a long, happy and healthy life.