Winter lockdown: the perfect time to invest in your employees' wellbeing

As England settles into a second lockdown, the country's workforce's mental and physical health is taking another battering.

This time of year can be tough at the best of times, with fewer daylight hours and grim weather as standard. Throw into the mix a global pandemic, a recession and a lack of uncertainty about when all this is going to end, it's no wonder employee wellbeing is suffering.

I know full well the difference some time out to look after my mind and body can have on my mental and physical health, and I want to help as many people as possible feel the same benefits... less stress, more energy, improved productivity and creativity, better sleep and generally feeling a damn sight happier.

That's why, this lockdown, I'm offering organisations TWO online yoga classes, personalised specifically to their people and their needs, completely free of charge.

Here's how it works:

  1. When will the classes be? That's up to you! We can agree two dates and times for your company's classes - first thing, lunchtime, afternoon - whenever suits your people around work and home priorities. We can also talk about any particular challenges you're aware people are facing at the moment. Are they struggling with posture working at the kitchen table? Or struggling to switch off, with everything going on? Perhaps they're extremely tense and have got back ache or tight shoulders. Yoga can help with it all and I shape personalised classes to meet specific needs. We'll make these bespoke classes 45 minutes to avoid eating into too much of people's time.

  2. How do we set the classes up? It's a doddle. I send you a Zoom link with some simple instructions and what to expect, and you can share this through the appropriate channels.

  3. Is it only for people who've done yoga before? Absolutely not. I'd be encouraging people who've never even considered yoga to give it a go. They're always pleasantly surprised at what they find. The classes will be beginner-friendly and cater for all ages, shapes and sizes, fitness and flexibility levels. I'd want to know of any injuries or conditions have beforehand so I can help them stay safe during class - we can sort all that easily.

  4. Will they need lots of equipment? Nope. If they've got a yoga mat, great. If not, a large towel will do. Everything else we can use household items, and I'll provide all the information in the email instructions.

  5. How do we get people there? With my strong background in editorial and comms, I can help you promote the classes by creating some collateral and internal comms copy to share to raise awareness of the classes. We can discuss your IC approach and potential tactics when we're arranging the classes.

  6. What if people can't make it? That's fine, too. I'll record the classes and upload them to a private Vimeo showcase for your company's eyes only, so that people can catch up at a time that suits them, or even do the class again if they enjoyed it. You'll have access to these recordings for the rest of lockdown.

  7. What if people don't want to be doing yoga on screen in front of colleagues? I get asked this a lot! They definitely don't have to be on screen if they don't want to. While I encourage people to have their webcams on so I can observe and guide accordingly, I don't enforce it. For me, it's more important that they're having a go and giving themselves the time out they need to look after their bodies and minds.

The classes are designed to improve your staff’s emotional and mental wellbeing, motivation and productivity - all of which are essential for your organisation's future.

There are a limited number of organisations I can offer this to. If employee wellbeing is on your agenda and you're committed to making sure your staff are looked after during these challenging times, I’d love to support you.

To get your sessions booked in or to ask any other questions, submit your details here and I'll be in touch.